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Enhanced Client Services

Outplacement Services

Immediate re-employment is only a starting point. That short-sighted view usually results in lower-paying, less satisfying jobs with no future. Our focus is on one-on-one assessment with a career coach and an emphasis on career growth. All packages are for a minimum of six months. Clients who receive regular coaching from a GEM Talent Search consultant and follow the process, are finding jobs in as little as 10 to 12 weeks, a fraction of the national average. We offer : One-on-one consulting sessions with experienced consultants who accommodate each person’s differing career development needs, A unique Career Pathing service that provides support once professional-level individuals have successfully transitioned into new positions. A focus on tailored personal service that successfully and effectively delivers the highest standard of outplacement for departing employees anywhere in the world. To find out more about our tailored outplacement services, contacts us on :

Psychometric and Aptitude Testing

Our career transition solutions are different! At GEM Talent Search, we use the latest technology and sophisticated algorithms to match the talents and personalities of our candidates your requirements. This tailored approach and personalized attention provides the highest quality transition experience in the industry. What’s more, our methodology provides maximum individual attention coupled with the latest social media tools. Your future employees will receive the best experience and most effective results, all at a significantly lower price than the competition.

Assesment Centre Design

Assessment events are a valuable way of observing how individuals work under pressure, amongst and in direct comparison to their peers and provide comprehensive evidence upon which confident selection decisions can be made . At GEM Talent Search we have a strong track record of designing and delivering thought-provoking and tailored assessment and development centres for a wide range of organisations. We work closely and collaboratively with clients to design events that are bespoke and entirely tailored to the tone, context and culture of the organisation. Our solutions are grounded in business reality and typically mirror applicable business and organisational challenges. Supporting our clients to identify key observable success drivers for their potential leaders and building an interesting and thought provoking programme around these factors is our key objective.

In line with research on the validity of assessment and development events, we use a combination of exercises which allow participants the opportunity to demonstrate breadth in their capability and strengths. Typical examples include structured and spot interviews, psychometric profiling and feedback, case studies challenges, in tray and project exercises, group work and strategic tasks. By using multiple points of reference, we are able to showcase a candidate’s full capabilities and really get beneath the surface of the personality in the context of a particular culture. Our assessment processes are rigorous and robust and we conduct intensive feedback sessions following each programme.

We also balance assessment with development so that each candidate leaves the programme with a suite of information to guide future engagement in similar events and with clear objectives for self-development. Our programmes create a dynamic and engaging atmosphere for all concerned and It is always our aim to integrate and embed learning with our clients and their representatives. We help clients identify ways to transfer learning back into the organisation and these events provide a unique insight into external perception of brand, values and assessment capability. As such we encourage our clients to take as active a role as possible in the events, whether as assessors themselves, or as figure-heads who are able to share their experiences and business philosophy with participants.

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