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GEM Partnership's 'Inside Out' day

James Davison

On Friday 9th September 2016 GEM Partnership held a charity day to raise money for the ‘If U Care Share’ Foundation.
The ‘Inside Out’ campaign is designed to encourage people to talk about the ‘silent killer’ that is suicide. The 10th September 2016 marked ‘Worldwide Suicide Prevention’ day.  Suicide turns peoples’ lives ‘Inside Out’. IUCSF believes talking makes a difference, that suicide is preventable and in some cases, talking about how we feel can save lives. So the idea is let’s talk and bring what’s ‘Inside Out’.
The GEM Partnership ‘Inside Out’ day consisted of a number of different activities to raise money for this fantastic cause. Firstly there was an inside out dress code for all GEM employees; there were also a number of different brain teasers to test individuals throughout the day which became highly competitive to say the least. Finally there was an ‘operation’ contest for who can remove the pieces the fastest from the well-known children’s toy!
The winning team of the ‘Inside Out’ competition was the Engineering Division who won a tie breaker event following a three-way tie for first place. This is the second charity competition in a row that the Engineering team have won so there is a real onus on the other divisions to step up to the plate and prevent them from making it a hat trick of victories!
To find out more about this amazing charity please visit  

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