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The Interview

The GEM Partnership guide to your interview:

First impressions.
Research tells us time and again that first impressions really do make a difference and that a prospective employer will form judgments in the first couple of minutes of the interview that will seriously influence their final decision.

Greet your interviewer standing, with a strong, firm handshake and a smile.
Good body language is vital. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Speak clearly and confidently. Try and maintain a comfortable level of eye contact throughout.

A typical interview will generally start with an introductory chat, moving on to questions specific to your application and experience.
General information about the company and role may follow, finishing with an opportunity for you to ask your own questions. (See Common Interview Questions for more in-depth support on this.)

Be familiar with your CV and prepared to answer questions from it.
Similarly, ensure you have read any job description thoroughly and think of ways in which your experience will benefit your potential employer.

LISTEN to what is being asked of you.
Think about your answers to more difficult questions and do not give irrelevant detail. Give positive examples from your experience to date, but be concise. Avoid one word answers however. Prepare yourself in advance for likely questions. If you are unsure about what the interviewer is asking for do not be afraid to ask them to clarify the question. If in any doubt do not fabricate answers, be honest up front that you do not have an answer.

Be ready to ask questions that you have prepared beforehand.
This can demonstrate you have thought about the role and done some research on the organization. Ensure they are open, thus encouraging the interviewer to provide you with additional information. (See Your Questions for more in-depth support on this.)

Show your enthusiasm for the role, even if you have some reservations.
These can be discussed at a later stage.