Celebrating Success Week


Celebrating Success Week

Scott Kennedy – Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner Level 5 – Tata Consumer Products

The last (a little later than planned…) of our success stories for now.

Scott recently completed his Learning & Development Consultant Business Partner Level 5 Apprenticeship with GEM Partnership.

Regarding his achievement:

It feels like I only received this certificate in the post the other day, the past few months since completing my qualification have absolutely flown by.

I need to recognise my trainer Tanya English for getting me through this, I’m sure I caused a lot of stress with my last-minute submissions, but all the support you could ever need/want was given, early morning calls discussing my projects and reports. It took much longer than it should of, no thanks to a mid-qual break in learning then moving to start a new job provided some interesting challenges.

A big thank you to GEM Partnership for the support from my now ex colleagues, I know they are all thankful I’ve now completed my qualification.

We’d like to congratulate Scott on his great achievement!

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