Assessment Centre

Candidate Testing and Evaluation

Assessment events are a valuable way of observing how individuals work under pressure, amongst, and in direct comparison to their peers and provide comprehensive evidence upon which confident selection decisions can be made. Candidates get an opportunity to showcase their skills, knowledge, and behaviours to potential employers.

At GEM Partnership, we have a strong track record of designing and delivering thought-provoking and tailored assessment and development centres for a wide range of organisations, across a breadth of sectors and of varying scales. We work closely and collaboratively with clients to design events that are bespoke and entirely tailored to the tone, context and culture of their organisation.

An Assessment Centre For Your Candidates

In line with research on the validity of assessment and development events, we use a combination of exercises which provide participants the opportunity to demonstrate their capability and strengths. Typical examples include structured and spot interviews, psychometric profiling and feedback, case study challenges, in tray and project exercises, group work and strategic tasks. By using multiple points of reference, we can showcase a candidate’s full capabilities and get beneath the surface of their personality in the context of a particular culture.

Our Approach

It is always our aim to integrate and embed learning into the organisations we work with. We help clients identify ways to transfer learning back into the organisation and these events provide a unique insight into external perception of brand, values and assessment capability. As such, we encourage our clients to take as active a role as possible in the events, whether as assessors themselves, or as figureheads who can share their experiences and business philosophy with participants.

Our assessment processes are rigorous and robust, and we conduct intensive feedback sessions following each programme. A dynamic learning experience for candidates, we shape our assessments so that each candidate leaves the programme with a suite of information to guide future engagement in similar events and with clear objectives for self-development.

Psychometric and Aptitude Testing

We utilise the latest technology and sophisticated algorithms, alongside the expertise of our team, to match the talents and personalities of our candidates to your requirements. This tailored approach and personalised attention provides the highest quality transition experience.

Your future employees will receive the best experience and most effective results, all at a significantly lower price than the competition.