Industrial Recruitment Solutions

Volume Flexible Resourcing

GEM Partnership’s volume flexible resourcing solutions can help you respond quickly to changing workforce demands.

We are adept in delivering large scale recruitment campaigns across the industrial, logistics, and manufacturing and engineering markets. Our services can be tailored to suit the needs of your business, from short-term ad hoc cover to long term temporary contracts, supporting fluctuations in production demands, holiday, maternity and sickness cover, as well as strategic outsourcing decisions and company growth.

A proactive recruitment partner, you can be confident with GEM Partnership as your provider of high-volume recruitment solutions. We have extensive experience delivering high quality candidates at all levels and for a range of disciplines. From labourers and entry level occupations; to middle management and seasoned business leaders.

We will harness our industry expertise, robust talent pipeline, and innovative technology to swiftly respond to your high-volume recruitment needs.

Informed and Intelligent Industrial Recruitment

Our support doesn’t just end when you have recruited your workforce. To ensure your new employees can hit the ground running, we also provide pre-employment training tailored to specific environments or role types, helping you bolster productivity and save valuable time.

We can also help you develop performance metrics and measurements for your employees, manage the onboarding of your workforce, and provide data driven insights to help you make informed business decisions next time you bolster your team.