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The speed of change in the communications landscape has been unyielding, and continues to shift at a pace never before seen on the business landscape. Organisations in this space need to be truly globally aware from both a technology and sociological perspective if true market advantage is to be realised. Customers expect you to be available around the clock to suit their busy lives, expect you to have the technology that allows them to use a range of communication medium and that you are able to resolve their query or complaint on first contact, despite the service, product or geographic footprint.

At Gem Talent Search our recruiters are immersed in this highly turbulent space, with a real perspective on what true talent looks like. Our proven and robust search methodology and an unrivalled networks in these markets ensure we can reach the visionaries and innovators of the future, recruiting leaders who inspire passion, champion service and product quality and who have the talent to guide their organizations through these very exciting times. Whether your organisation is developing communications technology, offering routes to market or is at the front line in customer experience, GEM Talent Search is able to support your manpower and talent planning strategy.