Building Resilience at Work Programme 


Duration of the Programme: Half Day 

Cost of Programme: £450.00 

Maximum Number of delegates:  10 


Programme Overview:

This half day Building Resilience at Work programme is aimed at delegates who want to develop their skills in becoming more resilient and able to assess the circumstances that undermine their resilience in the workplace. Resilience is the ability to cope well under pressure, to keep going even when things get tough, and to learn from our mistakes and setbacks. 

Resilience isn’t something we are born with, it’s a skill you can learn. With the right tools, techniques and mindset you can learn to thrive under pressure. 

The programme will explore patterns, default behaviour, emotional reactions, expectation and offer practical tools and techniques that will help to build resilience for yourself and others.  It will support you to stay calm and be focused even when things around you are changing rapidly. 


What you will learn: 

  • An understanding of what resilience is 
  • What supports and undermines resilience 
  • Be able to identify resilience strengths 
  • Change minds 
  • Look at default behaviours and how to change them 
  • What happens physically when under pressure 
  • Confidence building 
  • Tools to help build own and others resilience 
  • Have fun 


Who is it for? 

This course is designed for delegates who need to be able to cope with change in the workplace and those that find themselves getting stressed and want to cope better. Those delegates that work in relentless or tough environments and are generally interested in becoming more resilient at work.