Change Management


Duration of the Programme: One Day
Cost of Programme: £650.00
Maximum number of Learners: 10


Programme Overview:

This one-day programme will support leaders who are involved in change management to;

• Assess and understand the need and the impact of change
• Align resources within the business to support change
• Mange the diverse cost of change
• Reduce the time needed to implement change
• Support staff and help them understand the change process


What you will learn:

• Stakeholder identification, how do you identify the different stakeholders required to successfully implement change
• Identify what RACI is and how this is used in change management.
• Identify different models of change management, compare and contrast 2 identified models.
• What is a change curve?
• What are resistance characteristics?
• What is meant by change sponsorship?
• Why do you need to assess the risk associated with change how can risk be assessed?
• Active and passive resistance to change management
• Contingency plans
• Innovation in change management
• Identify compelling point of view, what does this mean in change management?


Who is it for?

This programme is perfect for managers, team leaders and professionals at all levels who are involved in change management within an organisation.