Conversational Training 


Duration of the Programme: Half Day 

Cost of Programme: £450.00 

Maximum Number of Learners: 12 


Programme Overview:

This programme is suitable for Leaders and Managers who want to improve communication skills with their team. 

Effective communication lets you create shared meaning and understanding between you and your team. These skills are must-haves for any manager / leaders looking to get their message heard and create a productive working environment where employees can thrive. 


What you will learn: 

  • Setting the context 
  • It’s not the way you say it, it’s how you say it – tone, context and body language 
  • Why context is the key to employee alignment 
  • Alignment means getting on the same page 
  • Repeat, repeat, repeat 
  • Don’t just say something important once 
  • Create dialogue and check for understanding 
  • Listen 
  • How to listen so employees talk 
  • How to become a better listener 
  • Using call-to-action 


Who is it for? 

This programme is aimed at Leaders and Managers who wants to approve their communication skills at all levels.