Environmental Awareness Training 


Duration of the Programme: Half Day 

Cost of Programme: £450.00 

Maximum Number of Learners: 10 


Programme Overview:

This Environmental Awareness training course is designed for workers of all levels and employment sectors. The course outlines the negative impacts our behaviours at work have on the environment and how to manage these risks.  

Learners will understand what environmental legislation applies to them and what policies and procedures can or must be followed. 


What you will learn: 

Your responsibilities  

Why environmental awareness and energy efficiency are important. Your and your employer’s responsibilities in regard to the environment and what environmental legislation needs to be followed. 

  • Why are environmental awareness and energy efficiency important? 
  • Your responsibilities  
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1990  
  • Environmental legislation  
  • Environmental tax  
  • Enforcement of the law  
  • Benefits of environmental awareness and energy efficiency 


Risks to the environment  

The key environmental terms including climate change, how workplace processes effect the environment. Learners will understand the causes and effects of different types of pollution and how to manage these risks. 

  • Climate change  
  • Greenhouse gases  
  • Air pollution 
  • Water pollution  
  • Waste materials  
  • Sustainability 


Reducing waste and going green  

Provides practical advice and tips for being more environmentally friendly at work. This includes preventative measures and a range of small and large scale changes that will help to make companies more sustainable.  

  • Tips for going green  
  • How to reduce waste  
  • How to reduce pollution  
  • How to save water 


By the end of this course learners will: 

  • Understand the environmental issues that we face and the causes behind them, as well as the problems caused by pollution and how they can be prevented 
  • Understand environmental laws and directives 
  • Understand how businesses affect the environment and learn ways businesses can improve to have a more positive impact 
  • Learn how to go green  
  • Understand the correct, safe waste management procedures