Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Training 


Duration of the Programme: Half Day 

Cost of Programme: £450.00 

Maximum Number of Learners: 10 


Programme Overview:

Equality is the current term for ‘Equal Opportunities’ and is based on the legal obligation to comply and anti-discrimination legislation. Equality protects people from being discriminated against on the ground of group membership i.e., sex, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion, belief, or age. 

Diversity implies a wide range of conditions and characteristics.  Diversity is about respecting and valuing all individuals, enabling them to fulfil their own potential, whatever their backgrounds. 

Embracing equality, diversity and inclusion brings a wide range of experience, ideas and creativity, while giving the individual a feeling of being enabled to work to their full potential. 

Putting equality, diversity and inclusion into practice inspires us to comply with anti-discrimination legislation and promotes the positive benefits of diversity.  Benefits such as the ability to draw on a wider pool of talent and motivate all employees. 


What you will learn: 

  • Equality and Diversity – what does it mean?  
  • Differentiate between equality, diversity and inclusion 
  • Equality and Diversity and the law 
  • Understanding unconscious bias 
  • Understand indirect and direct discrimination, victimisation and harassment 
  • Factors essential to promoting Equality and Diversity 


Who is it for? 

Any employee within any business or organisation.