Leading People Training Course


Duration of the Programme: One Day

Cost of Programme: £650.00

Maximum Number of Learners: 10


Programme Overview:

Here’s a reality of leadership: the vast majority of people are promoted into leadership positions without having demonstrated even a slight ability to actually lead. Many are promoted into leadership positions because they have demonstrated some ability to manage but leading and managing are two entirely different things.

Training on leadership, helps participants to consider how the needs of their team members can be addressed and how their skills can be best used. Training often involves time spent on reflection and sharing best practice.


What you will learn:

Leadership is about inspiring and motivating others. It includes:

  • Theories of leadership
  • Encouraging others to develop their skills
  • Sharing long-term visions with the team
  • Caring for the concerns of others
  • Demonstrating good practice


How is the course assessed?

This programme is developed with those that are new to leadership or managers that want to develop their leadership style.

Leadership is not about stability, it is about growth. Leadership is about change for the better. While managers can fall into the trap of believing that strong management can improve a business, leaders know that nothing improves without something changing and they drive that change.