Level 2 Risk Assessment


Duration of the Programme: One Day

Cost of Programme: £75.00 per delegate

Maximum Number of Learners: 10


Programme Overview:

This programme can be delivered stand alone or as part of a larger programme of development. The qualification provides learners with an understanding of the responsibilities of employers; the main causes and costs of work-related fatalities, injuries and ill-health; the role of risk assessment in the prevention of accidents and ill-health; the requirements of a risk assessment; a process for undertaking a risk assessment; and a method to evaluate risk.

The aim of the risk assessment process is to evaluate hazards, then remove that hazard or minimise the level of its risk by adding control measures, as necessary. By doing so, you have created a safer and healthier workplace.


What you will learn:

A risk assessment is a systematic examination of a task, job or process that you carry out at work for the purpose of identifying the significant hazards, the risk of someone being harmed and deciding what further control measures you must take to reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

The principles of risk assessment

    • Identify hazards, i.e., anything that may cause harm. Employers have a duty to assess the health and safety risks faced by their workers
    • Decide who may be harmed, and how
    • Assess the risks and take action
    • Make a record of the findings
    • Review the risk assessment. Recognise and control hazards in your workplace


Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to recognise and control hazards in a business or organisation that will support the development of a culture to create awareness among your employees – and use it as a training tool as well.

Set risk management standards, based on acceptable safe practices and legal requirements, to reduce incidents in the workplace.


How is the programme assessed?

The programme will be assessed for accreditation by:

  • Multiple choice question (MCQ) examination containing 30 questions to be completed within 60 minutes.
  • Centre set and marked assessment – learners are expected to undertake a risk assessment, which will be internally set and assessed by the centre and externally moderated by the awarding body.