Positivity and Productive Thinking Training


Duration of the Programme: Half Day

Cost of Programme: £450.00

Maximum Number of Learners: 10


Programme Overview:

Anyone can learn to think creatively and productively and put this into practice. The Productive Thinking Model may seem to be a childishly simple approach; however, it is very effective and powerful. It is a structured approach to solving problems in the most creative way possible.

Each step within the framework consists of different parts and techniques. The different steps contain questions that can be answered in a creative manner.

It is this part of the process that encourages creative thinking. Productive thinking is especially functional when a problem is determined in advance or when there is a desire for improvement or when a sales or innovation problem must be described. Productive thinking enables more focused answers to each of the questions within the six-step framework. It creates a realistic, detailed idea or solution within a short period of time. By following the sequence of the six steps, creativity, positivity and productive thinking arises naturally.


What you will learn:

What is the Productive Thinking Model

  • Productive Thinking Model, a 6-step framework
  • Step 1 – What’s going on?
  • Step 2 – What’s success?
  • Step 3 – What’s the question?
  • Step 4 – Generate answers
  • Step 5 – Forge the solution
  • Step 6 – Align Resources
  • Encouraging creativity
  • It’s your turn – Putting it into practice


Who is it for?

Aimed at anyone who’s wanting to improve positivity and productive thinking within the workplace.