Financial Wellbeing Workshop


Financial Wellbeing Workshop

We had the pleasure of hosting our first Financial Wellbeing Workshop with Durham County Council this week

As part of our ongoing Better Health at Work initiative we hosted what we hope is the first in a series of financial wellbeing workshops for our staff to attend.

Held in our Peterlee office and also remotely over Teams, we hosted Paul Atkinson and David Tinmouth from the Financial Ability Team at Durham County Council.

Paul Atkinson says: “Fantastic morning working with staff at GEM Partnership in Peterlee. The main takeaways from the sessions were: Financial Reality Check (or Personal Financial Audit), Paying Yourself First (10%), Why using cash is important and Unregulated credit. Great to get such positive feedback and I look forward to our next sessions“.

  • Try saving 10% of your wages first before spending any of your wages
  • Complete a financial audit, splitting your monthly spend into:
    • Essential spending
    • Important spending
    • Social spending
    • Review your bank statements over the last 12 months – you might be shocked at the amount you are spending on takeaways or have subscriptions you no longer need.
  • Try the Martin Lewis demotivator calculator ( – it may encourage you to stop spending on non-essential items

The feedback from the session was overwhelmingly positive and those that attended are already putting the advice and information into practice.





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