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GEM Partnership Spotlight – March 2024


GEM Partnership Spotlight – March 2024

We’ve rebranded our Spotlight series!

Throughout the second half of 2023 we produced a series of small articles which cast the spotlight onto our apprentices. We spoke to learners across various sectors and companies and gauged their thoughts and opinions of their apprenticeship, GEM’s provision and their future in industry.

From March, we’re changing things up and casting the focus a little wider to include our own internal staff, our associates out on placement and of course, apprentices.

To start things off, we’re focusing the spotlight onto Tanya Marie English, who has recently re-joined the GEM Partnership team as a Quality Manager within our Training department.

Tanya Marie was nominated for the spotlight by her colleague Kayleigh who said:

“I would like to nominate Tanya due to fantastic encouragement and positive mindset. Since starting Tanya has provided me with some great support and guided me in the right direction. Nothing is ever too much to ask and her passion in her new role shines through.

I am sure others can agree her support has been greatly appreciated and her positive quotes in our communication platform brighten up my day also!”

We caught up with Tanya Marie:

You’ve been back with GEM Partnership for a couple of months now, how have you settled back in?

Feels like I never left,  everyone has been so welcoming and supportive, from internal staff to clients and learners, this has made me settle in quicker and hit the ground running.

How has the business changed in the time you were gone?

The offices feel brighter and a happy place to be with the new branding and colour scheme, the business is wellbeing focused and you can see how this impacts on staff, knowing they are valued.

What are you most looking forward to over the course of the year?

Everyday is a learning day, so I look forward to learning more about the opportunities that are out there and how we can support local business to grow their own talent.

We’re going to be continuing our spotlight series on a monthly basis so keep an eye out across our website and social media platforms.

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