Clipper Logistics

Clipper is a completely new breed of logistics company, and one that’s perfectly suited to this rapidly-changing landscape.

Consumer expectations have grown, financial pressures have slowed demand and competition has increased to give consumers more choice. And these factors combine to make the retail sector more competitive and complicated than ever before.

Clipper understand just how business critical logistics is, and that’s why they are constantly challenging conventions to improve business performance and help meet the changing dynamics of retail with cutting edge logistics management solutions.

The company specialises in agile, bespoke solutions which are as individual as the client base and their customers. What helps set Clipper apart from the competition is their ability to do it the client’s way, and the strong relationships they form with their customers give Clipper the understanding to only ever offer relevant and useful advice.

They as a business draw on a wide range of resources and services, which means they can deliver any project and always find the right solution to get customer goods from the factory floor to the shop floor.

Clipper have invested heavily in a bespoke logistics hub at Wynyard Park on the A19 corridor, well positioned to support the needs of the North East business community.

GEM Premium PeopleĀ are working in partnership with Clipper Logistics on the following exciting opportunities: