Who are Husqvarna….

Husqvarna Group is the world’s largest producer of outdoor power products including robotic lawn mowers, ride-on mowers and chainsaws. The Group is also the European leader in watering products and one of the world leaders in cutting equipment and diamond tools for the construction and stone industries.

Their innovative quality products and solutions, sold through dealers and retailers in more than 100 countries, make garden, park and forest care as well as construction easier for professionals and consumers.

At Husqvarna they value…

Respect and tolerance at the workplace is very important to us – as well as ensuring fair working conditions, maintaining a safe workplace, and offering opportunities for individual development. And our Code of Conduct underscores these principals.

We are proud of our long, successful history and the strong entrepreneurial spirit that has helped us adapt to various challenges over more than 325 years. That spirit makes us a great company, that is competitive over time, thanks to our devoted people.

Core purpose, vision and key behaviours

Our Core Purpose:

Turning technology into opportunity. With a passion for innovation we create performance, pride and improved results for our customers.

  • A passion for innovation has made us reinvent to meet customer needs based on our engineering and application expertise.
  • Capabilities, features and benefits of our products create the performance that enable the customer to get the job done.
  • We create pride; pride in ownership of premium Husqvarna Group products and brands, pride in craftsmanship and the end result as well as employee pride.
  • Our demanding customers, both business partners and end-customers, expect more from us.

Our Vision:

Shaping great experiences. We make a difference to those who shape green spaces and urban environments through our leadership in sustainable, user-centred solutions.

  • We make a difference with significant positive impact on the business of our partners and the productivity, enjoyment and safety of our end-customers.
  • Green spaces and urban environments are the domains in which we play, including forestry, commercial lawn and garden, gardening, park and lawn care, and construction.
  • Our leadership ambition goes beyond market share – it reflects innovation and industry-thought leadership.
  • Sustainable encompasses both our environmental stance and our goal of providing long-lasting solutions that reduce the impact on the user. We are respecting nature and caring for people.
  • Our user-centred solutions are based on insights and foresights into user needs and application expertise.
  • Our offering includes complete solutions; product, accessories, dealer support, and services.

Our Key Behaviours:

It starts with me…

Culture is considered an important building block for Husqvarna Group to reach the 2023 market leadership position. Here we present our Key Behaviours.

To make it happen I take ownership and I ask myself: What can I do?

  1. Seek customer’s point of view in all meetings and decisions
  2. Demonstrate collaboration by giving and seeking support
  3. Maintain focus and simplicity

GEM Partnership have partnered with Husqvarna in relation to recruitment at their Newton Aycliffe site. Current career opportunities at Husqvarna available to view here.