Sponsoring the local community


Sponsoring the local community

GEM Partnership are proud to be sponsoring Paula Lawson and Hetton Lyons CC for their 2024 season

As part of a fundraising campaign to help the club build changing rooms for the women’s teams, Hetton Lyons CC and their players are seeking sponsorship for their 2024 season. One of GEM’s trainers Paula, has recently joined Hetton’s newly formed women’s softball team:

“Both my daughters have played cricket for Hetton Lyons Cricket Club for a few years now. Back in Nov 2023 the lead coach of the club organised some indoor training sessions to see if there would be any interest in developing a women’s softball team for the 2024 season. The invitation was initially just open to parents of existing club players.

We had our 1st training session on 12 Nov and after 4 sessions there was enough players to put 2 teams together and enter our 1st tournament on 4th Feb at the Beacon of Light in Sunderland organised by Durham County Cricket Club. We have the final round of the tournament to go which will take place on 24th March with the aim to then join a women’s softball league and play outdoor in the summer months.

Due to both my daughters being at an age where they are very independent I thought this would be a great opportunity to get out and do something for myself on top of the obvious fitness and mental health benefits that would be gained by getting involved with other and playing as part of a team.

The team bond that we have made in such a short space of time is fantastic and we have already come up with some pre-match rituals to hopefully bring us some luck. The post-match social rituals of all the ladies heading back to the cricket club for a social able drink and a game debrief have also commenced. The social side of our new team means that I have made some new friends and re-connected with people I haven’t seen for a few years.”

As part of our Better Health at Work campaign, we encourage all of our staff to keep physically and mentally active and it’s always great to support our employees’ journeys both inside and outside of the office.

We’d like to wish Paula, her teammates and the club good luck with their seasons and the fundraising campaign.


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