Apprenticeship Achievement


Apprenticeship Achievement

We’d like to congratulate Ella Coleman on the completion of her Business Administrator Level 3 apprenticeship

Everyone at GEM Partnership are delighted to offer our congratulations to Ella on her achievement recently in passing her Business Administrator apprenticeship.

Ella’s manager Ruth Jackson spoke on Ella’s progression:

The most significant difference I have noticed in Ella as she has progressed through the apprenticeship programme to her ultimately completing her apprenticeship, is that she has grown in confidence, both in herself as well as in her abilities as an Administrator. When Ella first started with GEM Partnership, she was very shy and quiet, but she has worked really hard over the last 18 months to build excellent working relationships with both internal and external stakeholders. This has seen her become a first point of contact for internal staff if they have questions in regards to compliance due to confidence in her own abilities and the knowledge she has obtained over the length of her apprenticeship.

Ella’s combined knowledge of GEM Partnership and her work tasks have enabled her create Standard Operating Processes for the work carried out by the whole team. She has then used these and the communication skills she has developed over her time as an apprentice, by building relationships with internal and external stakeholders to coach and mentor new team members as well as existing staff members. This has enabled Ella to develop transferable skills to successfully work within other areas of the business.

Reflecting on her apprenticeship Ella says:

Going from a little amount of confidence, completing an apprenticeship has massively boosted my confidence along with many other skills. It has also gave me the knowledge and skills to then be able to help my colleagues in different aspects of the business.

How do you feel completing the apprenticeship alongside your working role has benefited you?

I was completing new tasks on the daily which then helped me massively when completing my assignment and in my End Point Assessment.

And finally; we asked Ella what advice she would give for anyone currently or about to undertake an apprenticeship

It is a great opportunity to do an apprenticeship as not only do you get paid whilst learning, you get the qualification at the end. After your apprenticeship there will be even more opportunities that come forward for you like taking on more responsibility and progressing in your company. Your also able to meet new people all the time and make friends which can expand on your social skills.


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