Better Health at Work – Continuing Excellence Award


Better Health at Work – Continuing Excellence Award

GEM Partnership have been awarded Continuing Excellence by the North East Better Health at Work scheme.

Following on from being awarded Gold standard last year the company continued to commit to pursuing exciting initiatives and new training opportunities ensuring that the excellent work done in the year previous regarding the working environment for our employees was built upon.

The last 12 months has held some fantastic achievements that have contributed toward the Continuing Excellence award such as a charity football match held in August which was incredibly popular amongst our employees and raised a total of £380 for Mental Health Matters, also, one of our trainers Kayleigh undertook a weight loss journey during 2023 which saw her lose an incredible 4st7lb (as of October) and has become a vital member of the better health at work team offering vital support and encouragement for those around her.

During this time we have also launched several Apps for our employees and those associates on placement via GEM, which allows a much more streamlined communication between all and also provides a significant and up to date wellbeing and welfare resource library.

Our Project Lead for the award said:

“I have seen Gem really embrace the award in the last 3 years, they have motivated staff to engage and make healthy life changes, arranged engaging activities that are fun and interactive, involving all family members. They all identify that the most successful campaigns are those that involve team activities, for example the Charity Football Match, Roseberry Topping Walk. Gem link most of their campaign activity to fund raising for local purposes and each year choose a charity of choice, this gives activity with a purpose thus engaging more staff. The award is now fully embedded and as outlined by Gem ‘it has become a way of life’, all staff input into the ideas, make suggestions for change and campaign activity, across all staff levels, another excellent submission”

The future holds so much positivity and excitement for GEM and we are already looking forward and working towards Maintaining Excellence in 2024.

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